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Athlete with Amputated Leg

Disability Insurance

Insurance that protects your income.

Does your family depend on your income?

  • What happens if you get injured?

  • Who will provide for your family?

  • Will your income still be there if you are physically unable to work?

  • Is your income guaranteed to continue?

  • What is your plan if you become disabled?

  • Will government-assisted disability income be enough?

"Wow!!!! Is all I can say! Everyone that I have spoken with has been amazing!!!! They listen and guide without pressure!"

- Joanne Clites

Disability insurance, much like other forms of insurance, adds an extra expense to your budget.


The question remains, is it a worthwhile investment?

Consider the following statistics:

  • 25% of 20-year-olds will suffer from a disability before reaching 67 years old.

  • only 5% of disability claims fall under Workers' Compensation, leaving 95% not covered.

  • illnesses account for 90% of disabilities, not accidents.

  • 65% of Americans would not be able to afford normal living expenses for a year if they became disabled.


Therefore, disability insurance may be just as crucial as life insurance, particularly if your family relies on your income.

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

"Our ongoing need for advice and direction regarding insurance, social security, and IRS matters was handled skillfully and caringly. We have the highest regards for Glidewell ."

- Glenn Kaczmar

Your Disability Advisors

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Matt Jones

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